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As with everything there are many opinions / advice about how to do a lot of things. We found out what worked best for us by trying and adapting different techniques. Every seed variety does have its own unique set of needs. Some like cooler temperatures than others, for example some need less water.


Choose what microgreens seeds you want to eat. Whether that’s by taste, appearance, colour or by their particular health benefits. Get to know your seeds,  and practise & practise. I’m sure after a couple of attempts you will find a great process that works for you.


Microgreens are really fun to grow, we love working with them and yes we do sing and talk positively to our plants! Our microgreens are all made with love and they get lots of care and attention. After all in life you get out what you put in.


  • Myth #1 - Put your seeds in a cupboard during germination - not a great idea as generally cupboards don’t have any air flow and this may set you up for mold issues


  • Myth #2 - Don’t weight down your trays - it’s important to do this as it helps to push the seeds down into the growing medium so germination can happen. Without weights the seeds just sit on the surface.


  • Myth#3 - Don’t check your seeds during germination - some advice is that you shouldn’t check your seeds during germination (exposing them to any light), but we do as we feel it’s important to make sure the seeds haven’t dried out or gone moldy


  • Myth#4 - Miss out the blackout stage - it’s an important stage as it helps to strength the plants and as a result the plants grow taller.  Please note: Blackout means that your seeds have enough darkness by having a top tray covering them during germination. It doesn’t mean the room where your microgreens are has to be 100% pitch black.


  • Myth#5 - Microgreens are easy to grow - yes but no! Like most things there is an art to doing it well. While microgreens are quick to grow you don’t always get the desired results, it’s a living organism and even though you follow all the correct steps things can still go wrong. Be patient and keep trying :) we are also here for any additional questions you may have. Email us and we will do our best to answer any questions/problems you may be experiencing.


  • Myth# 6 - Soak or don’t soak? - not all seeds need soaking and many growers skip this stage. We recommend you don't as by soaking the seeds it helps with better / faster germination. We have trialed this both ways and our results were always better after soaking.

  • Myth# 7 - How much seed to use? - Some plants grow better with more seed density per punnet, others prefer less, giving them more space to breathe and grow. We found this to be trial and error, as there are no set rules. With all the varieties we provide we give the exact amount of seed required per punnet in grams. This is what we have found to work best for each variety. The seeds should not overlap each other when sowing and be as evenly spread across the medium as possible.

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Myths on Growing Microgreens

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