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We have decided to video document our progress with the Moulin, so you are welcome to head over to our Moulin des Monts youtube channel and subscribe to see all our latest videos. The Moulin is going to be an epic project, and we promised to share with you all our highs and lows! We are certainly no experts in owning a Mill and all that it entails (if there are any Mill enthusiasts out there please get in touch) but we are enthusiastic and looking forward to learning new skills along the way.


We know there are problems with the Moulin as it has been neglected for many many years, but in trying to bring this beautiful building back to life it will not to be for the faint hearted. Yikes what have we let ourselves in for! We have an array of mixed emotions on a daily basis, but remain optimistic and positive about what is possible for us to do whilst trying to keep our sense of humour as we go.

Our vision is to make the Moulin into a 'farm shop/ collection point', with the hope that it becomes an integral part of our business moving forward. This year (2023) we begin our journey. Our aim is to make the the floors safe again, and address the water damage in order to welcome people back into this historic building. We love River Cottage in Devon, UK and who knows one day we could have something along those lines here in the valley.


A girl, a boy and a little dog called Alfie can dream. . .


Follow us as we promote sustainable and regenerative living, renovate the Moulin and grow our microgreen farm business.

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