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Shop Micro-Greens

Tasty Nutrient Dense Superfoods.

Microgreens offer incredible nutrients to any meal, they are easy to cook with and use as a garnish, they bring

wonderful health benefits, and their taste is powerful in flavour. They are the superfoods of the future.

We are selling our micro-greens by order only, either pre-cut, as live plants or via our Member's Club.

Pre-cut microgreens are available in 30g and/or 75g boxes, and

our live plants are in reuseable/ recycled punnets.

All our crops are propagated on site using high quality seeds.

There is a full traceability to everything we produce, ensuring the best tasting, nutrient dense foods.


Buy direct from us here at the farm

Join our CSA Microgreen Membership Club and receive a freshly curated live selection of microgreens bi-weekly.


For direct farm collection we are open every Friday afternoon from 15.00 till 18.00.

To book your time slot please click the button below

NEW in 2023 - Grow your own Microgreens - Micro Starter Kits now available. Click here for info

NEW in 2023 - Our Subscription for Microgreens - Membership Club. Click here for info 



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