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Micro Starter Kits

In as little as 10 days you can grow

your own fresh microgreens

Microgreens are tasty nutrient dense superfoods. These tiny powerhouses encapsulate all the benefits of the mature plant in a highly concentrated form. Microgreens are just-sprouted vegetable/ herb seeds, that are in their first days of growth when picked. Microgreens offer incredible nutrients to any meal, they are easy to grow and can be used as a garnish or to cook with. Each variety brings wonderful health benefits, they have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties that contribute to: Boost in brain function and immunity, clear congestion, improved digestive function and healthy glowing skin to name a few.


We are passionate about eating fresh, delicious, highly nutritious seasonal foods. What better way to do this than growing your own microgreens 365 days of the year!


Depending on the variety they are typically grown for 8 -10 days. You can start growing by ordering our Micro Starter Kit. We send you everything you need from planting trays, biodegradable wooden punnets, high quality microgreen seeds, coconut coir and simple and comprehensive day by day guides explaining our refined process.


As a microgreen producer based in dept 87 in SW France, we supply Michelin guide restaurants and know from experience what works best when growing many different varieties of microgreens for our high quality clients. Not all microgreen varieties require the same conditions for optimal growth. Through first hand experience of each seed variety we supply in our MicroKits, we give you all our best step by step tips for growing consistently healthy microgreens plants.

Once your Micro Starter Kit arrives,

it's as simple as this


Day 1 - Germination Stage - Sow your seeds

Day 4 - Blackout Stage


Day 5 - Move into the light


Day 10 - Harvest your microgreens


Eat and Repeat

Grow one punnet at a time, or use both punnets included in your kit. Grow both varieties of microgreens all at once and this will provide you with enough greens for as much as 7-10 days. Harvest them all at once (and store in an air tight container in the fridge), or cut as you require them. Leave the rest growing in their individual punnet for tomorrow's meal, ensuring freshness for every dish.
Microgreens are easy to grow, great for kids and adults alike. Our starter kits are perfect as a one-off gift for yourself, family or friends, or as a start to being able to grow your own highly nutrient dense foods. Currently we only ship our starter kits within France. Our growing guides are available in both English and French.


Once you have used up your Starter Kit and you want to keep on growing, simply order more seed / wooden punnets from us and carry on growing. You are welcome to subscribe to our private YouTube channel for all our ‘how to’ videos on growing. We are here to support you on your Microgreen growing journey.


We are excited about getting more people growing their own food and eating healthy. Our Microgreen kits are a win win for you, your family/ friends, your health, and for the planet.


If you prefer to let us grow your microgreens then you can subscribe to our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership club and we will produce fresh microgreens for you on a bi-weekly basis. Click here to find out more information and when our next enrolment dates are.



Every microgreen plant is a living organism and therefore it is sensitive to its environment. Our growing guides are for informational and educational purposes, but please remember you can be doing everything ‘correct’ and still not get the results you wish. This could be as a result of many factors - climate, too hot/ too humid, too much or too little water, not enough air flow to name a few. Don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work the first time, try again and be patient with yourself. Plus we are here to help with any questions you may have  :)



What is inside the Micro Starter Kit?


  • 2 Black Seed Trays made from recycled materials (size 23x18x5cm)

  • 4 biodegradable Wooden Punnets

  • 2 grows  - high quality Microgreen Seeds (a choice of option #1 - Pea Shoots & Red Cabbage, or Option #2 Mizuna & Daikon Radish)

  • 2 grows using Coconut Coir

  • Easy to Follow Grow Guide for each seed variety in both English & French. 

  • Unlimited access to our Online Grow-Room. This is a private guest area for guides and tips on how to grow your microgreens. Your starter grow kit includes the passcode to access this area of our website. Each grow guide on our website has detailed step by step instructions and photographs. 


Please note : We have chosen these four seed varieties in our starter kits as in our experience they are amongst the easier varieties to grow. Choose your starter kit to include either Option #1 - Pea Shoots and Red Cabbage, or Option #2 - Mizuna and Daikon Radish

Why grow your own Microgreens? 

If you haven’t yet sampled micro-greens then you are in for a treat. By growing your own you are ensuring the freshiest greens to your plate every time. There is nothing more satisfying than growing food for you and your family from the comfort of your own home. You can grow 365 days of the year. There are so many benefits to having microgreens in your regular weekly diet in order to maintain good physical health. With so many problems facing us globally, now has never been a better time to learn new skills to become more self-reliant, make positive changes to elements of life that you value, eat local seasonal foods, and minimise our impact on the environment. 


Microgreens are great for children who may not enjoy eating vegetables, micro-greens are a fun way to garnish dishes and add colour and healthy nutrients in a fun way. Plus they are perfect as we get older ensuring that we still get the concentration of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, beta-carotene, several antioxidants in every meal. 

Like any other vegetable or herb its simple and quick to sprinkle micro-greens over your salads, smoothies, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, soups, risottos, pastas, eggs, fish and meat, etc as a garnish. You can eat them fresh (which is the best way, IMO), or you can cook them into your soups, with stir fry dishes, sauté them like spinach, use as dips/ sauces or infuse as a drink.
Love to try your microgreens in new and exciting ways? Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter below for ideas, education, and upcoming changes to our programs and services. Or for more ideas on how to use micro-greens please check out our recipe page


How do I buy my Micro Starter Kit?

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