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Rusty Window Frame

Brocante du

Moulin des Monts

Browse our eclectic collection of vintage objects over at our Etsy Shop


Welcome to our Brocante shop. We are all for recycling, reducing waste, reuse and repurpose.

Why buy new when you can find so many hidden gems that will add a fun, quirky and unique look to your home's deco. Being a conscious consumer is a part of Permaculture. Being mindful of where you choose to spend your hard earned euros can make a huge difference to the planet. Supporting local, independent shop owners rather than big corporations is brilliant but we also feel that not buying ‘new’ can make a huge impact, reducing the need for more production and manufacturing. We love breathing new life into forgotten objects, and extending their lifespan. 

It's super fun finding vintage objects that can be reused in different and creative ways. There are so many hidden gems collecting dust in flea markets, charity shops, emporiums, barns, attics, etc that are in perfectly useable condition and can be easily repurposed. Some of our shop objects are salvaged directly from Le Moulin. These beautiful vintage pieces will add character, perhaps become a talking point at your dinner parties, and give uniqueness to any home decor for years to come. 

Our brocante shop reflects our latest finds, the photos below are only a small selection of what we currently have in stock, and are for reference only. You are welcome to click the photos below and this will direct you straight over to our Etsy shop front. Its easier for us to have our shop in one online place and this is why we are currently using the Etsy platform to do this.


Our Etsy shop shows our entire eclectic collection and where you are able (if you wish) to purchase any of our vintage objects. We add new objects weekly so feel free to keep checking our Etsy shop. We ship to the whole of Europe, UK, USA and the U.A.E.

We do our very best to photograph our pieces and show their flaws. Please be sympathetic when buying a vintage item as they do show signs of wear and tear due to their age and previous use. We are careful to only choose items where we feel the flaws actually add to the overall charm and patina of the piece. All our items are carefully packaged using recycled paper/boxes for safe shipping.


If you have any questions regarding our Brocante shop please get in touch. 

Please click here to visit our ETSY shop page for more choice, payment and shipping options

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