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Our Gourmet Boxes
designed with Chefs in mind

Perfection in a Box

We are passionate about growing nutrient dense, high quality, flavourful microgreens. We understand that every ingredient used to create an incredible plate of food is important in taste, texture, and colour, and that this turns a plate into a culinary masterpiece. We love working closely with top quality, creative chefs who appreciate that sourcing locally grown produce provides freshness and vitality to their dishes.


Food evokes memories, and gourmet is a cultural idea associated with the culinary arts of fine food and drink, or haute cuisine. With this in mind the next evolution for our microgreens was to create a gourmet box delivering live micro plants. A box that showcases our varieties and provides our chefs with a mix of flavours and textures which in turn gives them numerous possibilities for their dishes.


What's inside the Gourmet Box?


We are offering two types of mixed live boxes, a petit gourmet and gourmet box.


Both boxes offer a selection of different varieties, the petit gourmet box has eight individual pots included (4 microgreen varieties), and the gourmet box has sixteen individual pots included (8 microgreen varieties).


  • Borage

  • Mizuna

  • Rambo Radish

  • Kohlrabi

  • Amaranth

  • Chinese Mustard

  • Nasturtiums

  • Crimson Clover

​The gourmet mix may change based on new living microgreens being introduced to our range.

If you are interested to make an order for our gourmet boxes then please note we require a minimum of 14 days to cultivate your plants for you. Click the button if you have any further questions.


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