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We are so excited to be producing micro-greens in our valley. We are passionate about eating nutrient dense tasty foods, and we are very happy to be introducing these superfoods to our range of products, now available directly from La Ferme in dept 87.  Grown from high quality seeds in compost, with no use of any pesticides or chemicals. A vertical growing environment that enables us to grow for success for 365 days of the year!

What are Microgreens? 


Microgreens are tasty nutrient dense superfoods. These tiny powerhouses encapsulate all the benefits of the mature plant in a highly concentrated form. Microgreens are just-sprouted vegetable/ herb seeds, that are in their first days of growth in fertile compost when picked. 

Micro-greens are more well know in the United States, and first appeared in the American culinary scene in the 1980s in Calforinia. Popular also in Canada and the United Kingdom, but largely remain unknown around France. However they are fast becoming firm favourites for top chefs, due to their great flavours, nutrient value, colour varieties, visual appearance and textures. Plus they are very popular with the health-conscious consumers.

Click here to see a time-lapse of our Daikon Radish

Filmed by John Macnish. The whole growing process from sowing to harvest is just 10 days.

What is concentrated Nutrition?

Microgreens contain a high concentration of prebiotic fibre, stimulating the growth of beneficial microbes in your digestive tract. Gut health is linked to better immunity, healthy elimination, reduced risk of colorectal cancers, improved energy levels, and healthy weight maintenance. Studies have proven that microgreens contain 4 to 40 times more vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and beneficial properties than equivalent products grown to maturity. As an example, consuming about 30g of broccoli microgreens is equivalent to eating almost 1.5kg of broccoli grown to maturity.

When harvested at this young stage of development there is a concentration of vitamins A, B, C and E, enzymes, and minerals (iron, calcium), beta-carotene, several antioxidants and even dietary fibre. In addition to having a low calorie and fat ratio, microgreens are known to be natural antioxidants contributing to the maintenance of good physical health.



Health benefits of Microgreens 


There are so many benefits to having microgreens in your diet. We’ve long known that eating more fresh vegetables keeps us healthy and is linked to reducing chronic diseases. Such conditions that microgreens can protect you from include Heart disease, certain Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and poor Kidney function. Microgreens contain much lower potassium levels, so anybody with poor kidney function can enjoy the health benefits of microgreens without worrying about increasing potassium intake.

Microgreens can have a real, tangible impact on your health if consumed as a regular and consistent part of your diet. They have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties that contribute to: Boost in brain function and immunity, Clear congestion, Improved digestive function and Healthy glowing skin



This content is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of such advice or treatment from a personal physician. 


How do I eat them? 


If you haven’t yet sampled micro-greens then you are in for a treat. There are so many benefits to having microgreens in your regular weekly diet in order to maintain good physical health. Great for children who may not enjoy eating vegetables, micro-greens are a fun way to garnish dishes and add colour and healthy nutrients in a fun way. Plus they are perfect as we get older ensuring that we still get the concentration of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, beta-carotene, several antioxidants in every meal. 

Like any other vegetable or herb its simple and quick to sprinkle micro-greens over your salads, smoothies, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, soups, risottos, pastas, eggs, fish and meat, etc as a garnish. You can eat them fresh (which is the best way, IMO), or you can cook them into your soups, with stir fry dishes, sauté them like spinach, use as dips/ sauces or infuse as a drink.

Don’t overthink it. A simple handful of fresh microgreens goes a long way in adding essential nutrients to every meal, and the bonus? Each variety has its own unique and powerful flavour profile, so whether you’re looking for something nutty (sunflower), sweet (pea shoots), or hot and spicy (mustard), there is a microgreen variety to fit your mood.
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How do I buy my Microgreens?

Buy direct from us here at the farm.

Join our CSA Microgreen Membership Club and receive a freshly curated live selection of microgreens bi-weekly. Click here for more info


For direct farm collection we are open every Friday afternoon from 15.00 till 18.00.

All our crops are propagated on site using high quality seeds. There is a full traceability to everything we produce, ensuring the best tasting, nutrient dense foods. If you are interested to sample our micro-greens then please get in touch.

For Chefs 

If you are a chef and would like us to supply your restaurant please get in touch directly by clicking here.

We offer the options of 1) Delivery of live plants or 2) Pre-cut in 100g boxes.

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