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  • What are micro-greens?
    Microgreens are just-sprouted vegetable/ herb seeds, that are in their first days of growth in fertile compost when picked. When harvested at this young stage of development there is a concentration of vitamins A, B, C and E, enzymes, and minerals (iron, calcium), beta-carotene, several antioxidants and even dietary fibre. In addition to having a low calorie and fat ratio, microgreens are known to be natural antioxidants contributing to the maintenance of good physical health. Click here to see a time-lapse of our Kohlrabi. Filmed by John Macnish. The whole growing process from sowing to harvest is just 10 days.
  • Where can I buy your micro-greens?
    Buy direct from us here at the farm. Join our CSA Microgreen Membership Club and receive a freshly curated live selection of microgreens bi-weekly. For collection we are open every Friday afternoon from 15.00 till 18.00. Please click here to find out more or We are selling our 30g boxes mixes from Dans L'Même Panier in Rochechouart, we deliver to the shop every Friday morning. We are also supplying Francis L'Épicerie des Halles and Naturalia both in Limoges, we deliver to the shops every Tuesday morning. All are wonderful boutique shops specialising in high quality local produce and health care products.
  • What microgreen varieties do you produce?
    We are always adding new varieties to our product range, so please feel free to check back regularly or alternatively you are welcome to follow us over on our Facebook Page for updates. For our current range please click here
  • Do you have any information/ inspiration on recipes for Microgreens?
    Yes we have a dedicate recipe page where we regularly share new recipes for microgreens and vegetarian dishes. Please click here to view
  • I want to grow my own microgreens, do you sell micro starter kits and microgreen seeds?
    We are very happy to announce that yes we do sell micro starter kits. Everything you need to grow great microgreens at home under the guidance of professional growers. We also sell seed so you can continue growing different varieties, and when you purchase one of our kits you get access to our private 'Grow Room' online for all the best tips/ photo's on how to grow. We ship our kits within France only. Please click here to find out more
  • What is No-Dig?
    No Dig means exactly; 'no digging of the soil'. No Dig methods give superb and time-saving results in the production of nutrient dense food. No Dig leaves soil undisturbed, you feed the masses of soil life by placing organic matter (compost) on the surface, as happens in nature, to maintain drainage and aeration. No dig works on all soils including heavy clay.
  • What is Permaculture?
    Permaculture is any system of sustainable agriculture that renews natural resources and enriches local ecosystems and increases biodiversity. Permaculture Design promotes sustainable, regenerative living, and making a difference at a local level.
  • Are the workshops taught in English or French?
    Currently in English only
  • Are your workshops for Beginners?
    Yes our workshops are designed for the beginner, so if you are thinking of setting up your own vegetable garden and don't know where to start, or you want some inspiration and new ideas then these workshops are for you.
  • Where can I see your French vintage brocante shop?
    Our vintage brocante shop is over on the Etsy platform, please follow this link to see all the items we currently have for sale. We ship within France, to the UK, USA, UAE and the whole of Europe. If you are outside of these areas and wish to still purchase an object please get in touch with us directly and we will find a shipping price for you.
  • Do you post videos of your progess/ life/ renovations?
    Yes we have our own You-Tube channel. You are welcome to head over to our Moulin des Monts page, subscribe and see all our latest videos.
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