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What you need to know about Onion Microgreens

Did you know?

Onion microgreens have a mild, nutty, and subtly sweet onion flavour well suited well suited for sprinkling fresh over many types of dishes. Micro onion while delicate in appearance have an intense flavour so it’s best to use a small amount as to not overpower the dish.

Onion microgreens don’t grow very tall, but they have a beautiful elegant thin stem often retaining their tiny black flat’ ish seed.

Onions are botanically classified as Allium cepa. The young shoots of germinated onion seeds belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family. The seeds are collected from bulb onion plants and are allowed to germinate and grow for approximately 15 days before they are harvested. Onions are native to Asia and have been cultivated for thousands of years. While the exact origin of growing onion seeds solely for the sprouts is unknown, ancient Chinese physicians have been using sprouts medicinally for over 5,000 years.

Onion Microgreens are great for

  • served with an scrambled egg

  • with sushi/ sashimi

  • garnishes over salad bowls

  • in wraps/ sandwiches / burgers / veggie burgers

  • spring rolls, onion pancakes/ fritters

  • added to soups