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We want to inspire you to get growing your own food

Whatever space you have it’s possible and we are here to show you how, with simple and practical ideas for all year round growing. 

We think more than ever it’s important to be aware of where your food is coming from, eating the best quality / healthy seasonal food possible, ensuring food security for yourself and your family,  learning new skills towards self-reliance and caring for the environment.

We are very passionate about food, eating healthy and getting more people growing their own food #getgrowing

There is a lot of information available online about growing food but sometimes it can all feel a little overwhelming and difficult to know where to begin, particularly if you are a beginner. 


Our preferred teaching method is via video so there will be no need to read lots of material. We want to encourage you to physically get growing rather than just reading about how to do it. 


If you are new to growing food or have tried before without much success then we hope our continued online support with help and inspire you. Our aim is to serve people everywhere, whatever your climate or location. All our content is taught in English.


We are not offering a one off course where it starts and finishes. Instead we want to create a community and offer continual support each month on an ongoing basis, and for our members to interact with each other, make new friends, and share their wins and their mistakes in order to help and support each other. This is why we have chosen to set up a membership club. If you find it’s not for you after a couple of months then of course you are welcome to unsubscribe whenever you like.


One of our aims here at La Ferme is to be self reliant and as qualified Permaculture designers we are always looking at new ways to create systems that are in alignment with nature’s intelligence, good for the environment, are cost effective, time saving and minimal fuss. We think you will be amazed that just with a few simple steps you will be growing great food for yourself and your family.


What will happen each month? 


By joining our monthly members club you will have full access to all our video lessons in our 'get growing' online virtual classroom. At the start of each month (or when you sign up) you will receive an email with an overview of things to do for the month, and then each week we will drip the information to you in manageable bite sized pieces (in order to not overwhelm you). We will also be on hand for any Q&A should you have any problems. Work at your own pace and do as much or as little as you would like each month. 

You can become a new member at any time and pick up with that months activities. Plus we will create a dedicated section ‘start here’ with some of the important fundamentals so you can catch up on the basics if you are in anyway unsure of how to start. 

Some examples of what to expect 

Calendar of what to do when - month by month

Learning how to propagation your vegetables from seed

Full guidance on when to transplant your seedlings into your veg patch?

How to create a no-dig bed 

Creating Guilds - mini food forest

Learn how to capture water - practical / easy systems

How do I Compost?

Feeling Overwhelmed - then start by planting only one veg bed 

Designing your potager (vegetable patch)

Preserving & dehydrating your produce to feed you through the Winter months

How to make a cloches to protect your produce from pests

What to plant over Autumn & Winter

What to plant during the 2nd Spring 

Creating Hot beds

How and what to grow in a Polytunnel

Growing microgreens - 10 days to better health


Plus there are many opportunities to join us here at La Ferme - inperson workshops from February through to October. 



Monthly Subscription

Every month it will cost just €18 to be apart of our community. It can be paid each month or once a year, it's that simple. Join us today and be apart of a growing community that cares, helps and supports each other on our journey to grow amazing food and become more self-reliant. We can't wait to meet you on the other side. . .

By supporting our members club you are directly choosing to invest in our petite, local, sustainable micro-farm. You may or may not be aware of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA farms have grown from grassroots initiatives. As a result, individuals find their way to address the challenges of food production rather than following the set model. As a local producer we are offering our teaching expertise in return for a fixed subscription. 

We look forward to #getgrowing with you soon. If you are still not sure, then please click the video below and meet us in person.

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